Google Redesigns Sign-In Page with Updated Material You Design

Google Redesigns Sign-In Page with Updated Material You Design. Google updates its sign-in page with a cleaner, Material You design. Learn about the changes and see the streamlined look.


Get ready for a fresh look when signing into your Google Account! Google is unveiling a Material You-inspired redesign for its Account sign-in page, bringing a modern and consistent aesthetic across all its services. This revamp aligns with Google’s Material Design 3 philosophy, emphasizing simplicity and personalization.

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The New Google Sign-in Page Design

Google Redesigns Sign-in Page With Updated Material You Design
Google Redesigns Sign-In Page With Updated Material You Design

Here’s how the new Google Account sign-in page differs from the current design:

  • Desktop Layout: Goodbye-centered layout! The email/phone field shifts to the right, while the left side showcases the Google logo and other information.
  • Updated Buttons: A distinct pill-shaped “Next” button and streamlined text-based buttons enhance the visual hierarchy.
  • Colour Scheme: Expect a cleaner look with a white background and subtle accent colours reflecting Material Design 3’s default theme.
  • Mobile Design: While not yet previewed, expect a centred layout on mobile devices, possibly resembling the current design.
  • Functionality Focus: Rest assured, the changes are purely visual, with no impact on core sign-in functionality.

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Google Redesigns Sign-in Page With Updated Material You Design
Google Outdated Account Sign In Page

Material You: Google’s Design Language

Material You, the latest iteration of Google’s Material Design framework, prioritizes personalization and tailored user experiences. This sign-in page redesign reflects this approach, offering a cleaner and more intuitive interface.

Rollout Timeline

The redesigned Google Account sign-in page will start rolling out today and aims for full availability in the coming weeks for personal and Workspace users.


Google’s Material You makeover for its sign-in page promises a streamlined and visually appealing experience.

This update highlights Google’s commitment to a consistent design language that prioritizes user-friendliness. Stay tuned for the new look as it reaches your Google Account!