15 Best Free AI Courses to Level Up Your Skills in 2024

Discover the 15 best free AI courses from top learning platforms like Google, Microsoft, and Harvard. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, these courses cover a range of topics from generative AI to machine learning and chatbots.


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Introduction: Best Free AI Courses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming various industries, from healthcare to finance and beyond. However, understanding AI concepts and applications can be daunting for beginners. Fortunately, several reputable learning platforms offer free AI courses to help you grasp fundamental concepts and advance your skills in this dynamic field.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 15 of the best free AI courses available online. From introductory courses suitable for beginners to specialized courses focusing on chatbots, machine learning, and AI ethics, there’s something for everyone interested in exploring the world of artificial intelligence.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Free AI Course

It’s vital to remember that the “best” AI course boils down to your current goals and knowledge level. Before enrolling, ask yourself:

  • Skill Level: Am I a complete beginner, intermediate, or advanced in AI/coding?
  • Focus: Am I interested in the ethical side of AI, practical chatbot building, or deep technical dives?
  • Learning Style: Do I prefer theory, hands-on projects, or a mix?

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The Top 15 Free AI Courses.

1. Introduction to Generative AI Learning Path

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Google Learning Path Ai

Platform: Google Cloud

Ideal for micro-learners, this introductory course from Google covers the basics of AI principles. Although it lacks hands-on exercises, it provides valuable insights into Google’s AI implementation.

  • Great for: Beginners seeking to grasp Google’s AI use.
  • What to expect: Microlearning approach; AI principles focus.
  • Note: Introductory; lacks hands-on components.

2. Career Essentials in Generative AI

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Career Essentials In Generative Ai

Platform: LinkedIn

Microsoft and LinkedIn collaborate to offer a five-hour primer on generative AI. Earn a Professional Certificate from Microsoft and enhance your LinkedIn profile without needing a subscription.

  • Great for: Introduction to generative AI’s landscape, including Microsoft 365 Copilot tools.
  • What to expect: LinkedIn Learning path; good overview but minimal interactive projects.

3. Intro to Artificial Intelligence

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Intro To Artificial Intelligence

Platform: Udacity

Taught by industry professionals, this intermediate-level course by Stanford University covers diverse AI topics like Machine Learning, Probabilistic Reasoning, and Robotics.

  • Great for: Intermediates; taught by renowned Peter Norvig.
  • What to expect: Covers major AI areas from game theory to robotics.
  • Note: This could be outdated as it was last updated in 2022.

4. AI for Everyone: Master the Basics

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Ai For Everyone Master The Basics

Platform: IBM on edX

IBM’s AI course on edX offers guidance on starting a career in AI on IBM tools. You’ll implement your learning on a mini-project, exploring neural networks, deep learning, AI ethics, and societal impact.

  • Great for: Complete beginners, no coding experience needed.
  • What to expect: AI ethics, bias discussion; mini-project at the end.
  • Note: Full access with a verified certificate costs extra.

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5. AI Chatbots without Programming

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Ai Chatbots Without Programming

Platform: IBM on edX

Delve into AI Chatbots with IBM’s course, providing practical insights into designing and monetizing chatbots using the free lite version of Watson Assistant.

  • Great for: Hands-on chatbot building using IBM Watson tools.
  • What to expect: Practical; focused on IBM Cloud resources.
  • Note: Certificate and graded assignments cost extra.

6. AI Ready Initiative

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Ai Ready Initiative

Platform: Amazon Educate and AWS Skill Builder

Amazon’s “AI Ready” initiative offers a variety of free AI courses on Amazon Educate and AWS Skill Builder, designed for different user profiles and backgrounds.

  • Great for: Users in/interested in the AWS ecosystem.
  • What to expect: Range of courses from non-technical to specialized; frequently updated.
  • Note: Focused on Amazon-specific AI tools.

7. AI For Everyone

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Ai For Everyone

Platform: DeepLearning.AI on Coursera

Taught by Dr Andrew Ng, a pioneer in machine learning, this four-week course covers AI’s impact on industries, making it suitable for non-technical managers.

  • Great for: All levels; engaging teaching style from AI leader Dr. Andrew Ng.
  • What to expect: Well-structured; some topics aimed at managers.
  • Note: Lacks some hands-on practice; consider pairing with supplementary resources.

8. ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Chatgpt Prompt Engineering For Developers

Platform: OpenAI and DeepLearning.AI

Led by Isa Fulford and Andrew Ng, this tutorial explores prompt engineering, a crucial aspect of building applications using large language models (LLMs).

  • Great for: Specific focus on using prompts effectively with large language models (LLMs).
  • What to expect: Practical skill for chatbot building but could require basic Python knowledge.

9. Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Prompt Engineering For Chatgpt

Platform: Vanderbilt University, Coursera

Part of Vanderbilt University’s Prompt Engineering Specialization, this course deepens your prompt engineering skills, focusing on techniques like Few-shot prompting and ReAct prompting.

  • Great for: A deeper dive into various prompt engineering techniques.
  • What to expect: Hands-on assignments; completion certificate is paid.

10. Data Science: Machine Learning

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Data Science Machine Learning

Platform: Harvard University, edX

Harvard’s course on machine learning covers popular algorithms, offering a project-based learning experience in building a movie recommendation system.

  • Great for: Those with some data science and Python knowledge interested in machine learning fundamentals.
  • What to expect: Build a movie recommendation system; project-based.
  • Note: Self-paced, but full access and certificate require payment.

11. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Introduction To Artificial Intelligence With Python

Platform: Harvard University, edX

Another offering from Harvard, this course provides a solid understanding of machine learning in Python through hands-on projects.

  • Great for: Learners with a computer science background seeking a deeper dive into AI technologies.
  • What to expect: Explore game playing, handwriting recognition, machine translation; theoretical + hands-on.
  • Note: Can be challenging without Python experience; the certificate is paid.

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12. Transform Your Business With AI

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Transform Your Business With Ai

Platform: Microsoft

Tailored for businesses integrated with Microsoft products, these quick lectures bridge the gap between AI technology and decision-making strategies.

  • Great for: Companies integrated with Microsoft, seeking quick insights into AI’s business impact.
  • What to expect: High-level; focuses on strategy and decision-making.
  • Note: Introductory; may not address specific business scenarios in depth.

13. AI For Business Specialization

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Ai For Business Specialization

Platform: University of Pennsylvania, Coursera

Offered by the University of Pennsylvania, this specialization covers AI, ML, and Big Data deployment in business, providing a comprehensive understanding for decision-makers.

  • Great for: Decision-makers wanting to deploy AI across industries; covers ethics and governance.
  • What to expect: Four distinct courses within the specialization; Wharton professors.
  • Note: Check for recent updates, as AI developments occur rapidly.

14. AI for Good Specialization

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Ai For Good Specialization

Platform: Deeplearning

Focused on using AI for social good, this specialization prepares you to create AI tools for positive impact, addressing societal and environmental challenges.

  • Great for: Passionate learners desiring to make a social impact with AI skills.
  • What to expect: Case studies on using AI for environmental good (eg. air quality, disaster management).
  • Note: Introductory; pair with more niche skills courses as needed.

15. Responsible AI: Applying AI Principles with Google Cloud

15 Best Free Ai Courses To Level Up Your Skills In 2024
Responsible Ai Applying Ai Principles With Google Cloud

Platform: Google Cloud

Despite its Google-centric focus, this short course explores ethical AI principles, providing actionable steps applicable beyond Google’s ecosystem.

  • Great for: Google Cloud partners seeking actionable steps on ethical AI.
  • What to expect: Earn a completion badge; best practices for Google Cloud implementation.
  • Note: Focus on Google tools might be limiting for those outside its ecosystem.


AI knowledge is rapidly becoming an essential skill. Start your learning adventure today with these free resources, choosing the perfect fit for your needs. Explore, create, and contribute to the ever-evolving world of AI!

Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to deepen your AI expertise, these 15 free AI courses offer a wealth of knowledge. From foundational concepts to practical applications, each course provides a unique learning experience.

Dive into the world of AI, enhance your skills, and stay ahead in this dynamic field without spending a dime.