12 Best Online Colleges That Provide Laptops (And How to Get One)

Top 12 Best Online Colleges That Provide Laptops: Discover online colleges that give out laptops, removing financial barriers to your education. Find programs, eligibility requirements, and tips for choosing your ideal device.


Discover the top 12 online colleges that provide laptops to students, offering free or discounted laptops to enhance the learning experience. Learn about the advantages of laptop programs, how to get a free laptop for college, and key factors to consider when selecting the right laptop for your needs.

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12 Best Online Colleges That Provide Laptops (and How To Get One)
12 Best Online Colleges That Provide Laptops

A reliable laptop is an essential tool for modern students, particularly those enrolled in online courses. Fortunately, numerous online colleges understand this need and offer laptop programs to ensure their students possess the resources necessary for academic success.

This blog post provides insights into the top 12 online colleges that provide laptops, their eligibility requirements, and factors to consider before selecting your device.


The Vital Role of Laptops

Beyond note-taking and research, laptops empower students to:

  • Access online textbooks and course materials
  • Join virtual classes and office hours
  • Complete assignments and projects efficiently
  • Collaborate with peers and instructors remotely
  • Develop essential digital and technical skills

List of Top 12 Online Colleges that Provide Laptops

12 Best Online Colleges That Provide Laptops (and How To Get One)
Best Online Colleges That Provide Laptops

1. Full Sail University

Location: Winter Park, Florida, US

Students in certain degree programs (like Software Development) receive new Apple MacBook Pros or HP laptops through Project Launchbox.

2. Dakota State University (DSU)

Location: Madison, South Dakota, US

Since 2004, first-year students have received new Lenovo ThinkPad T-series laptops with extended batteries, warranties, and on-campus repairs.

3. Wake Forest University

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, US

Laptop purchase program with significant discounts, financial aid laptop grant, plus free Adobe Creative Cloud, Office 365, and a 4-year warranty with accidental damage coverage.

4. Seton Hall University

Location: South Orange, New Jersey, US

Free Lenovo ThinkPad laptops during freshman year (and you keep it upon graduation!), available through their Mobile Computing Program.

5. Chatham University

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

All incoming first-year students receive a MacBook Air. Transfer students may also receive one based on the number of course credits obtained.

6. Oklahoma Christian University (OCU)

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US

Provides MacBook laptops with ownership transfer, ensuring students possess the technology they need.

7. University of Minnesota, Crookston

Location: Crookston, Minnesota, US

On-campus students receive 14-inch HP Elitebooks pre-loaded with academic software and an annual Office 365 subscription.

8. California State University, Bakersfield

Location: Bakersfield, California, US

The STEP program provides free laptops and tablets to demonstrate their commitment to student success and equity.

9. Indiana State University (ISU)

Location: Terre Haute, Indiana, US

New students receive Microsoft Surface Laptop Go with a touchscreen, a 3-year product and accidental damage protection.

10. Alabama State University

Location: Montgomery, Alabama, US

MacBook Pros to qualifying business and administration students in their Apple Loan Program.

11. Auburn University

Location: Auburn, Alabama, US

Discounted Apple, HP, IBM, and Dell laptops are provided for purchase through the university.

12. Davenport University

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, US

Allows students to purchase discounted laptops from participating vendors.

Advantages of Free Laptop Programs for Students

12 Best Online Colleges That Provide Laptops (and How To Get One)
Online Colleges That Provide Laptops
  • Accessibility: Reduces barriers to technological resources
  • Digital Literacy: Develops valuable computer skills needed for modern work
  • Efficiency: Simplifies research, writing, and project completion
  • Communication: Improves online interaction with classmates and teachers
  • Financial Relief: Helps reduce costs associated with education
  • Equity: Levels the playing field for students of diverse backgrounds

How to Get a Free Laptop for College

  • Scholarships and Grants: Look beyond tuition; some grants cover technology
  • Financial Aid: Inquire at your college about laptop assistance programs
  • Non-Profits: Research local and national organizations
  • Departmental Support: Explore your major’s department for support resources
  • Contests & Giveaways: Keep an eye out on social media and websites
  • Refurbished: Consider affordable, certified refurbished laptops

Choosing the Right Laptop

  • Purpose: What will you primarily use it for (classes, design, gaming)?
  • Performance: Ensure the RAM, processor, and storage meet your needs
  • Size & Weight: Is portability important or prefer a larger screen?
  • Display: Choose a panel and resolution that provides a comfortable experience
  • Budget: Research options to find the best features within your price range


Online colleges that offer laptops provide a significant advantage, ensuring students have the tools to succeed regardless of financial circumstances. If you’re looking for a flexible yet supportive path to earning your degree, consider these 12 top institutions.

Take advantage of potential financial aid, scholarships, and laptop programs to make your educational journey seamless!