Glo Customer Care Number, USSD Codes, Support Pages: Your One-Stop Solution for Glo Network Issues

Looking for Glo Customer Care Number, USSD Codes, or Support Pages? Get all the information you need to resolve your Glo network issues quickly and efficiently. Find out how to contact Glo customer care, access USSD codes for various services, and navigate through the support pages for instant troubleshooting. Discover the ultimate guide to resolving your Glo network concerns hassle-free.

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Introduction: The Importance of Glo Customer Care Services.

When it comes to telecommunication services, network-related issues can be quite frustrating. Whether you’re facing connectivity problems, need assistance with service activation, or have questions regarding your Glo subscription, having easy access to customer care, USSD codes, and support pages can make all the difference. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Glo customer care, USSD codes, and support pages, providing you with valuable information to address any concerns you may have. So, let’s dive in!


Glo Customer Care Number, USSD Codes, Support Pages

Dealing with network-related issues often requires reaching out to Glo’s customer care representatives, utilizing specific USSD codes, or visiting support pages for self-help troubleshooting. Familiarizing yourself with these resources can save you time and effort. Let’s explore each aspect in detail:

Glo Customer Care Number: Your Direct Line to Assistance

When you encounter network problems, the Glo customer care number is your lifeline to quick solutions. By dialing 121 from your Glo line, you will be connected to a customer care representative who can assist you with a wide range of issues. From billing inquiries to network coverage concerns, the Glo customer care team is trained to handle all your queries effectively.

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Glo USSD Codes: Unlocking the Power of Glo Services

USSD codes are convenient shortcuts that allow Glo subscribers to access various services and information directly from their mobile devices. These codes offer a quick and efficient way to perform actions such as checking account balance, recharging credit, activating data plans, and more. Below are some essential Glo USSD codes you should keep handy:

  1. 123#: Check your Glo account balance.
  2. 223#: Recharge your Glo line or top-up airtime.
  3. 127*Recharge PIN#: Recharge your line with a voucher.
  4. 777#: Access Glo’s self-service menu for data plans, voice packages, and other services.
  5. 100#: Check your phone number.
  6. 777*1#: Buy data plans.

Using these USSD codes, you can navigate through Glo’s services effortlessly and enjoy a seamless mobile experience.


Glo Support Pages: Troubleshooting at Your Fingertips

Glo’s support pages are a treasure trove of information, providing detailed troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and step-by-step tutorials to help you resolve network issues independently. Here are some of the support pages you should bookmark for easy access:

Glo Network Coverage Page

Are you experiencing poor network coverage in your area? The Glo Network Coverage page provides an interactive map where you can check the network strength in your location. Simply visit the page, enter your address or browse the map, and get real-time information on network coverage.

Glo Data Plan Activation Page

Activating a new data plan can sometimes be confusing. The Glo Data Plan Activation page simplifies the process by providing clear instructions on how to activate data plans for various devices and usage requirements. Whether you’re a heavy data user or need a plan for occasional browsing, this page has got you covered.

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Glo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Glo FAQ page is a valuable resource for finding answers to common queries. Here are some frequently asked questions with detailed answers to give you a taste of what you can find:

  1. How can I check my Glo data balance?
    • To check your Glo data balance, simply dial 1270# or send “INFO” to 127 via SMS.
  2. How do I activate call waiting on my Glo line?
    • To activate call waiting on your Glo line, dial *43#.
  3. What is Glo Yakata?
    • Glo Yakata is a prepaid plan that offers amazing bonuses on data and airtime recharge. To subscribe, simply dial *220#.
  4. How do I transfer Glo credit to another Glo line?
    • To transfer Glo credit, dial 131Recipient’s Number*Amount#.
  5. How can I retrieve my Glo PUK number?
    • To retrieve your Glo PUK number, visit the Glo PUK retrieval page and follow the instructions provided.
  6. How do I activate international roaming on my Glo line?
    • To activate international roaming on your Glo line, simply dial *151#.

These are just a few examples of the comprehensive FAQs available on Glo’s website, ensuring you have access to the information you need, whenever you need it.


In conclusion, Glo’s customer care number, USSD codes, and support pages are essential resources for resolving network issues and accessing various services. Whether you prefer reaching out to a customer care representative, using USSD codes for quick actions, or troubleshooting independently through support pages, Glo has you covered. By utilizing these resources effectively, you can navigate through any network-related challenges with ease and enjoy a seamless telecommunication experience. Remember, the Glo customer care number, USSD codes, and support pages are your allies in overcoming network obstacles.