How to Link NIN to Fidelity Bank Account: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Link NIN to Fidelity Bank Account. Learn how to quickly and easily link your NIN to your Fidelity Bank account in Nigeria. Our step-by-step guide makes the process hassle-free.


Need to link your NIN to your Fidelity Bank account? This easy guide covers all the methods, ensuring you stay compliant and your account stays active.

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Complying with Nigerian banking regulations requires linking your National Identification Number (NIN) to your Bank Verification Number (BVN). This process is essential to maintain full access to your bank accounts.

If you’re a Fidelity Bank customer, this guide will walk you through the simple steps of linking your NIN to your account.

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  • Comply with Nigerian regulations: The Nigerian government mandates linking your NIN to your bank accounts to help reduce fraud and financial crimes.
  • Account security: This linkage adds another layer of security to your Wema Bank account, protecting it from unauthorized access.
  • Avoid penalties: If you don’t link your NIN and BVN, you risk restrictions on your account or even legal consequences.
  1. Visit the Fidelity Bank Website: Begin by going to the official Fidelity Bank website (
  2. Log in to Internet Banking: Access your Internet banking account using your login credentials.
  3. Find the BVN/NIN Linkage Section: Navigate to the “Manage My Account” section and look for the “BVN/NIN Linkage” option.
  4. Enter Your Details: Carefully input your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and National Identification Number (NIN).
  5. OTP Verification: Fidelity Bank will send a One-Time Password (OTP) to your registered mobile phone number. Enter this OTP code for verification.
  6. Security Questions (if applicable): The bank might ask additional security questions to confirm your identity.

Important Note: If you have trouble linking your NIN online, you can visit your nearest Fidelity Bank branch for assistance.

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Additional Methods (if applicable)

Fidelity Bank USSD Code: 

You can dial *770# directly from your registered phone number and follow the prompts.

Visiting a Fidelity Bank Branch: 

Bring your NIN slip and valid ID to a Fidelity Bank branch, and a customer service representative will assist you with the process.

Conclusion: Linking Your NIN to Your Fidelity Bank Account.

Linking your NIN to your Fidelity Bank account is a straightforward process that ensures compliance with banking regulations. Following these simple steps, you can easily complete the linkage and enjoy uninterrupted access to your banking services.pen_spark


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