UBA Bank Updates Customer Care Numbers Per NCC Regulations

UBA Bank Updates Customer Care Numbers Per NCC Regulations. The United Bank for Africa announces changes to customer care contact numbers in compliance with NCC regulations. Get the updated numbers and stay connected.


The United Bank for Africa (UBA) has made important changes to its customer care contact numbers. New regulations from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) prompt these updates. Here’s what you need to know to keep in touch with UBA.

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Why the Change?

The NCC has implemented changes to standardize phone numbers in Nigeria. As a result, UBA has updated its direct lines by adding a “02” prefix before the existing phone numbers.

What are the New UBA Bank Customer Care Numbers?

  • Old Number: 012808822 has been replaced with 02012808822
  • Old Number: 012808800 has been replaced with 02012808800

Important: Please update your contact records with these new UBA customer care numbers to ensure you can easily contact them for support.

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UBA remains committed to providing seamless customer service. Updating your records with the new contact numbers will ensure you continue to receive the timely assistance you need for all of your banking requirements.


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