Airtel SmartConnect Code: How to Activate and Migrate

Discover the Airtel SmartConnect code to unlock bonus voice minutes and data with every recharge—easy migration steps for both new and existing Airtel users.


Airtel SmartConnect has become a popular choice for cost-conscious Nigerians seeking more value from their mobile plans. This comprehensive guide will help you understand what SmartConnect is, how to activate it, and the benefits it offers.

What is Airtel SmartConnect?

Airtel SmartConnect is a prepaid plan designed to give you more bang for your buck. When you recharge your line, you’ll receive bonus data and voice minutes, up to eight times the value of your recharge! It’s a fantastic option for anyone who wants to stay connected without breaking the bank.

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How to Activate Airtel SmartConnect

New Users: If you’re a new Airtel subscriber, you’re in luck! SmartConnect is the default plan for new SIM cards. Simply register your SIM, recharge, and you’re ready to enjoy the benefits.


Existing Users: If you’re an existing Airtel user and want to migrate to SmartConnect, you have two options:

  1. USSD Code: Dial either *311# or *121# from your Airtel line and follow the on-screen prompts.
  2. Customer Care: Call the Airtel customer care line at 300 for assistance.

How to Check Your SmartConnect Balance

To view your bonus voice and data balances:

  • Dial *126# followed by your PIN.
  • Dial *123# to check your overall SmartConnect balance.
  • Dial *123*2# for your voice balance or *123*1# for your data balance.

If you experience any issues or can’t see your bonus balances, don’t hesitate to contact Airtel customer care for help.

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Airtel SmartConnect Benefits

SmartConnect offers a range of benefits to enhance your mobile experience:

  • Bonus Data: Get extra data on every recharge for browsing, streaming, and social media.
  • Bonus Voice Minutes: Enjoy more talk time to connect with friends and family across all networks.
  • Social Benefits: SmartConnect also offers access to special social bundles for platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

SmartCONNECT bonuses.

Main Account creditN100N200N300N500N1,000
Bonus Credit – VoiceN300N600N900N1,500N3,000
Bonus Credit – DataN400N800N1,200N2,000N4,000
Total CreditN800N1,600N2,400N4,000N8,000
Bonus is valid for 7 days, Main Account Credit DOES NOT EXPIRE
• Subscribers can also enjoy INSTANT double data on their data purchases *
• Applicable for 90 days on all purchases of data bundles below N5000.
Data Bundle (Naira)Standard Value100% More ValueValidity
5040MB80MB1 Day
100100MB200MB1 Day
200200MB400MB3 Days
300350MB700MB7 Days
500750MB1.5GB14 Days
10001.5GB3GB30 Days
15003GB6GB30 Days
20004.5GB9GB30 Days
25006GB12GB30 Days
30008GB16GB30 Days
400011GB22GB30 Days

Ready to Connect Smarter?

Don’t miss out on the incredible value of Airtel SmartConnect. Whether you’re a new or existing user, take advantage of this plan to get more out of your recharges and stay connected longer!


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